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Bryce and Lisa
OUR STORY  from 1989 to present.


We traveled by RV, basically only in the Western United States and were NOT retired NOR did we have any retirement funds. We earned it as we went…remember our motto, “No Matter Where We Go There We Are”! Which means you can’t run away from the challenges of life, we just choose to experience them on the road!

Our Rig Under a Rainbow

Our Rig Under a Rainbow

Sept. 11, 1989 was our transition date from our old hectic stress filled life in the rat race of Southern California. Bryce was a month shy of 49 and wanted to see the USA in our Chevrolet (Truck and 5th Wheel Trailer). Our plan was to travel for 2 years and then settle down in a small community of 10,000 somewhere in the west! We finally found our spot 30 miles East of Reno, NV in Wadsworth,NVWe loved the FREEDOM and the FLEXIBILITY to be able to go where we wanted to go, when we wanted to go, for as long as we wanted. Our only problem was just how to make enough money to sustain this lifestyle.Well we made it for 15 months before we ran out of money! We had no intention of settling down yet as we were having too much fun! What to do? Fortunately we had met some baby-boomer rvers the second month out. They were members of the ESCAPEES RV CLUB which is an outstanding organization that is a must for all RVers on the road. We soon met others that also were working on the road and quickly discovered a company called American Guide Services (AGS) which produces RV Resort Visitor Guides. These guides are handed out to each RV visitor that registers and are paid for by local advertisers that wish to promote their products or services to the RVers. Our job was to sell advertising space on these visitor guides and earn commissions from the sale of each ad.

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